Etsy Action Plan Scholarship


Kelly's course, Etsy Action Plan, is a course to help Etsy Sellers improve their shops and make more sales.  Kelly has over 7 years of experience on Etsy and over 14,ooo sales!  She knows what makes Etsy tick and her course can help you!  

Interested in the course, but you are just starting out?  Or maybe you've been on Etsy a while, but sales are slow and right now you just don't think you can afford an online course?  Apply for the Etsy Action Plan Scholarship!  Kelly is giving away 1 free seat a year in her course and 3 hours of one-on-one coaching to get your shop where it need to be to make sales!  Apply now!  The scholarship winner will be announced on May 1st.*  


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** Scholarship recipient must already have a product for an Etsy Shop and an Etsy Shop name and account.  If scholarship recipient already purchased the Etsy Acton Plan they will be reimbursed the full amount of the course, however no purchase is necessary to win the scholarship.  Please email Kelly at kelly@helloworldpaperco.com if you have any questions about applying for the scholarship.