5 Gifts Your Kid's Teacher Will Obsess Over

As two former teachers we geek out over teacher gifts and don’t get us wrong apples and signs for our door are great, but you can only eat so many apples and hang so many signs. These gifts are unique, practical, and fun for teachers! We would have loved to have received any one of these items as gifts when we were teachers and even NOW! haha!

5 gifts for teachers.jpg
  1. The Refresh Weekly Planner from Workspacery - Every teacher needs to plan and the Refresh Weekly Planner will help them not only keep their teacher life organized, but their personal life as well and let’s face it - it all runs together!

  2. Pineapple Classroom Stamp by Hello World Paper Co. - Every teacher needs a stamp for their classroom! Here at Hello World Paper Co. we also have other great gifts for teachers including a variety of book stamps, cutting boards, wooden bookmarks and bookish key tags!

  3. You’ve Taught Me a Latte Stamped Spoon by Sugar O Honey Honey would brighten up any teacher’s day as they are stirring their morning coffee!

  4. Boho Key Fob by Cat O’Neal Designs - I don’t know what I would do without my wristlet for my keys! When I was a teacher and now as a mom and business owner, I always have my hands full! This amazing swatch of fabric is a life saver! Plus they come in a ton of different colors and styles!

  5. Be Kind Pin by Lauren Ibach - Our teachers are not only teaching our kids to read and write, but they are also teaching them to be the best little human they can be! Giving a teacher this pin will help them to remind their students to be kind and don’t we need a little (a lot) more of that in this world?

Isn’t shopping for teacher gifts fun? Glad we could help you find the perfect gifts for teachers this year! Wanna learn more about our love of reading and the mission we am on to help stamp out illiteracy? Go check out our giving page for the whole story! Hint: We are building an entire school for kids in need with your help!


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