She's The First

Hello World Paper Co. & Stamps’ Charity Recipient for July 2015 & August 2015

She’s The First is a charitable organization that sponsors education for girls from low-income countries who could be the first in their families to graduate from secondary school.  I can’t imagine not being able to afford to send my children to school, but this is some people’s reality.  A friend recommended She’s The First as a monthly charity to me and since I used to be a third grade teacher, it was an obvious choice, but what really got to me is how much these girls want to go to school and how in developed countries we have a percentage of students who drop out and throw it all away.  It’s truly sad.  Through She’s The First, girls are able to get an education they may not have received and who knows, maybe one of these girls will cure cancer or pave the way for world peace.   

My goal this month is to sponsor a girl in Nepal.  As we all know Nepal was recently hit with a devastating earthquake and the economically strapped country is slow to recover.  To sponsor a girl’s education for 1 year in Nepal is $360.  This is a little over what I usually give, but I’m hoping that with a little revenue boost I can make it happen, so please share this with your friends!   Another great thing about She’s The First is that 100% of your donation goes to the girls.  Their administration and operating costs are all taken care of through separate donations.  I love this.  So here is the cost breakdown to sponsor a student in Nepal:

Sponsorship Breakdown

Hello World Paper Co. & Stamps July Charity is She's The First
  • School uniform: $50 per year (this includes 1 skirt, 1 pair of pants, 2 school shirts, 1 sweater, a pair of shoes, socks, warm tights for winter, 1 hat, belt, and school tie.

  • School bag, supplies, and set of the year’s textbooks: $50

  • School lunches: $100 per year (this includes, rice, fresh vegetables, and lentil soup 5 days a week)

  • Tuition: $160 per year

  • Total:$360

You can also see some of the girls at the Kopila Valley co-educational primary school in Nepal in the picture above or on their Flickr account

You can also see how young women around the world are raising money to sponsor girls through She’s The First below.  Get ready to be inspired! 

I thank you all for supporting my little shop and in turn for supporting all the fabulous charities I chose to donate to.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  10% off all profits will go to She’s The First this month to sponsor a girl from Nepal on her journey to graduation and hopefully I will get updates along her journey starting in September and I will be sure to share those with all of you!