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Have you EVER stopped to think that here in the US, we have fresh, clean water just gushing out of our faucets? Do you realized that to other people across the globe that is nothing short of miraculous or some kind of voo-doo magic??? And most of us take this for granted every day. I’m here to give you a reality check like an ice cold glass of water in the face! 

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Water is the most life-giving and destructive force on Earth. The lack of clean water in poor countries is nothing short of DEVASTATING. Did you know that:

  • Unclean, contaminated water kills more people every year than ALL forms of violence and war?
  • Little ones are especially at-risk because their bodies aren’t developed enough to fight off diarrhea and dysentery? 
  • In Africa each year, women and children spend 40 billion (that’s a B, people) hours walking for water? That’s time they are not in school or working and are subject to harassment and assault. They carry 40 pound jugs of unclean water on their backs and walk back home. 

While this is going on elsewhere in the world, many of us a just a hop, skip and jump from a refrigerator that spits out cold water and asks us if we want our ice cubed or crushed. We have lost touch with how incredibly lucky we are. 

That’s why I have picked Charity Water as my give-back-to organization for October because clean water can change EVERYTHING. Yes, everything! When a community gets clean water amazing things quickly start happening…health improves, food becomes less scarce and more abundant, local economies start to flourish, and kids start spending more hours in school learning. There are still 663 million people on this big globe who need our help and desperately need clean water! 

So are you all in and ready to help? Whoot-whoot! Charity Water makes it easy-peasey! All you have to do is pick a fun, attention-grabbing activity, name it, choose a photo, spread the word and start raising money for clean water! When your donations start rolling in, you can track how much and where the donations go! One hundred percent of the money raised through campaigns or donated goes into the field. That’s a nearly unheard of statistic with charity organizations!

As a mother, I can't imagine this being the reality.
We have to make a change and in a BIG way!

You can do about anything and call it a campaign!  Some couples ask for donations instead of wedding gifts, little kids are selling their toys to raise money, one man rode a rickshaw across India and another guy raffled off his face and let a stranger tell him how to shave it! What kind of creative campaign can you come up with??? 

So far they have funded 17,370 water projects in 24 countries and I want to help raise the roof on that number! That’s why during October, 10 percent of my profits will be donated to Charity Water. You can visit their website at to learn more about this awesome organization and how you can be part of the clean water movement! 


Kelly Parker Smith


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