Top 10 Tips Before Your Next Move

Are you gearing up for a move? Or helping a friend move to new digs? If so, you are in need of some SMOOTH MOVES!  No…. we’re not talking about your nerdy-dance skills….we’re talking about how to bust-a-move and get all that stuff packed up, out the door and into your new place lightening fast. Because let’s face it, have you ever heard anyone say they actually like moving? Nope, never!!! It’s a giant, stressful, pain-in-the-B00-tay!!! 

Top 10 Tips Before Your Next Move  |  Hello World Paper Co.

So here are my 10 favorite tips to make the whole ordeal a little less stressful! 

  1. Pack an overnight bag with essentials – Why? Well, hello! You are going to be so tired on move day that you are not going to want to search though boxes for essentials and a change of clothes. Genius! 
  2. Wrap breakables like dishes in clothing to save on bubble wrap! Who would have thought? You save some green and you are acting green by saving the landfill from mountains of discarded bubble wrap when you are unpacked. 
  3. Pack glasses and stemware in clean socks. Again…why didn’t I think of this before? So obvious! 
  4. Cover dresser drawers with “press-and-seal” plastic. They serve as their own self-contained moving boxes. Just press and seal like the commercial says! 
  5. Use sandwich bags and a sharpie to label all the little bits of hardware that go with your furniture. Tape them back to the item. Don’t skip this step…the stuff always gets lost! 
  6. The fastest way to pack a closet is to keep your clothing on the hangers and slip it in a trash bag. No rehanging clothes and dealing with a tangled up mess of hangers! Whoot! 
  7. Two weeks before moving, change your address. In addition to utility bills, don’t forget about bank statements, credit card bills and magazine subscriptions. You better not miss an issue of Cat Fancy! lol
  8. Start selling items on Craigslist six weeks before and unload all that unwanted stuff.  You may even be able to make enough money to pay the movers for handling the big stuff or spring for that comfy new sofa! 
  9. Generate some good mojo by having a charity organization pick up donation items one week before. You may be helping a veteran, a single mom or a kid furnishing their first apartment! How awesome is that to think about? 
  10. And number 10…drum roll please……

Order a new address stamp and from Hello World! We’ve got self-inking and wood mounted stamps for your stamping pleasure! There seems to be a lot of extra mail, paperwork and bills with moving….so a new address stamp will save you time! Happy moving and happy stamping! 



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